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It's All About Boxes

Postby brian » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:32 am

Check out the link to find out why.

The most compromised part of typical hifi gear is the power supply (PS). To be good it needs to be big or ends up downsized both physically and sonically. Keeping it in it's own box separate from the signal has many advantages especially when we are dealing with low level signals such as linestage and phonostage. Give us a box, and we've got the heart of a potetnially very high performance system.

Tube Rectified Power Supply Set:

For linestages, phono stages and amplifiers where you want to put the psu in a separate enclosure.
The case and cover are non magnetic and so easy to work with; will not vibrate with the transformer.

The power transformer 115+10 x 2 primaries so good from 115 up to 250v line voltages. Secondaries: 270-225-0-225-270v/150ma; 8v/1.5a; 8v/1.5a; 6.3v/1.5a; 5v/4a
The 8v windings allow the voltage drop needed to use filament supplies or CMC to put out 5-6.5v dc as needed.

The umbilical cable has 8 conductors, 1M length. Power switch is on the IEC receptacle. The tube socket mounting plate fits octal sockets and the case is vented above and below the tube. Excellent for 5Ar4 etc.

There is enough open space to install one of our FCUPS modules, DIY filament supply and still have space to add several 47uf film caps to the filter network. State of the art made easy.

Or add you own choke/cap design. Load on the film caps - there is room.

Package includes;
aluminum cover and chassis, IEC connector with power switch, umbilical cord with 8 conductors and strain relief, 4 feet, power transformer, tube socket mounting plate for octal socket
Tube Rectified Power Supply
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