More Module Mania -- Pushing the Limits with the UTS (Univer

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More Module Mania -- Pushing the Limits with the UTS (Univer

Postby brian » Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:39 am

The Projekt Boxes and Modules present unlimited possibilities. One by one we continue to explore.

Shunt Mode Attenuator: Attached an alternative way to do a 12dB Gain linestage with the UTS, using the attenuator in shunt mode. This allows you to tune the sound with the two series resistors. Shunt mode can be better because the resistor network goes to ground and only two resistors (68k) are directly in the signal path. Make only those two the best quality possible (hint: Tantalum or Takman, depending on flavour desired) and we've got maxi-quality for mini-money. The robust and stable circuit design of the UTS well suits shunt mode attenuation.

The UTS configuration is in the manual under 3.01, but Vcom is not connected.

1 x UTS with transformer
1 x 240mm Projekt Box and desired number of RCA jacks for IN/OUT, power switch, LED, IEC, feet,
1 x 2 channel volume pot
1 x selector switch as needed
4 x 68k 1/2 or 1w resistors
cap and rectifier for ground
Hookup Wire (Include the words "I READ YOUR BLOG" when you order and we'll include a special wire gift for this project {no peeking})

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