New Economy: Bend or Break

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New Economy: Bend or Break

Postby brian » Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:48 am

Apologies for being somewhat 'missing' on the forums. It doesn't reflect our state of activity in any way.
We have changed:
Our business is international and we get a lot of email from non-English speaking customers; probably a lot of back-and-forth that would normally be on the forum if English was our lingua franca.
The last year we've moved from kit-centric to parts-centric business; going from 50 items to 300+ in a short time has meant major adjustments and much time sourcing and managing.
Our Ebay store has been more successful than expected and this was something to learn as well. An Ebay store is a lot more work than we thought.
Our shift into parts has really saved us as the 'new economic reality' has meant big ticket sales have decreased drastically but parts sales are surprisingly strong. Maybe doing more modding instead of equipment swapping? I don't know.
It's also been a bit of a roller coaster as last summer factory costs peaked which had set in motion our simplifying the product lineup into universal apps, and then the crash in October where factories were caught with huge inventory of manufacturing materials bought at the peak and suddenly no market, or customers demanding their new production at deflation prices -- but factories drawing from materials bought at peak. You may have heard 1000's of factories closed and Canton alone had 20 million migrant factory workers sent back home. There have been some wild swings and difficult to know how to react. We are just a small business but I can imagine how it affects big companies.
There are six of us now as selling parts involves a many more transactions and handling. Sales to dealers has also become a big part of our business.
1. The Ergo universal amplifier. They are done and will be on our door step this week. Just need to do the documentation. This will be our new high end series and one chassis will work for any of our amps.
2. The Clock. Done right, finally. It will be pin compatible with current OSC. Just remove the OSC in your digital device and plug in The Clock for benefits of extreme low jitter and nano phase shift. AFAIK the first plug and play clock. No pcb nip and tuck surgery needed. An optional ps -- The Power -- will be available.
3. Chazz 2. Headphone amp. They are done and will be received end of this week. OTL using 6AS7 and 2 x 12AU7 with switchable feedback (0/-3/-6db)and selectable output from cathode or anode, patented circuit. selling price around $450+USD and built into one of our Projekt chassis with two inputs and toggle selector.

More modules coming, all of which will bring the extreme high end within grasp of the DIY'r -- but will save that for later. Also more parts in the queue.
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Re: New Economy: Bend or Break

Postby Hercules » Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:50 pm


What frequency available for the OSC? 2 pin or 4 pin (8-DIL or 14-DIL) style?
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