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Sweet Sounds - EZ!

Postby brian » Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:50 am

Yesterday we got the UTS EZ linestage with Extensions into the system.

The shaft extensions make a difference: sound is improved

1. more immediate, micro-macro dynamics resolved more easily, big transients seem strike from out of nowhere and delicate sounds present themselves with noticeable finesse
2. self-noise has dropped significantly; ~0.2mv which is close to our limit to measure and maybe explains some of #1
3. The tactile quality of switch action is much improved due to the effect of the flexi connection between shaft and switch. IMO clunky switching puts the ears in a bad mood

We will still try some other enhancements:
coupling caps - we have the obbligato tin foil and a sample pair of paper-in-wax aluminum foil (huge)
tube shield, etc

1 Projekt 70 x 240 x 240mm chassis - $90USD
1 Universal Tube Stage + transformer for 100 - 240v line voltage $185USD
1 Tesla ECC88 - $15USD
4 Iso Mount feet 4 x 7USD = $28USD
6 pair DIYers friend RCA jack at $9 each pair equals $54
2 knob's: 2 times $6 for CNC solid aluminum silver equals $12
1 LeClubHifi 4 position selector $16USD
1 DIYHFS Stepped Attenuator $69USD
hookup wire, bridge rectifier/CR n/c
Ordered here for $473USD

For limited time we will include 2 sets shaft extensions for free when above package is ordered (value $58, yes we must be crazy!)
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