Major New Product Announcement - The Ultimate Clock

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Major New Product Announcement - The Ultimate Clock

Postby brian » Wed May 06, 2009 2:36 am

The Clock and The Power

Yes we are late to the party. We have wanted a clock/ps module for some time but held back due to the extensive documentation required and, we wanted something decisively better - the best.

So ... we present the world's easiest-to-install, ultimate performance digital clock and power supply system:

The Clock and The Power:

Base Features:
• Simple Pin-to-pin direct drop-in replacement for any CD/DVD player Clock Crystal (2-Pin)
• Simple drop-in replacement of oscillator modules (4-Pin)
• +/- 1pm accuracy
• 3V / 5V output level setting on board
• Unique clock circuit with ultra-low jitter < 1.5 ps RMS
• On-Board ultra-low noise, ultra-low impedance, wide bandwidth Super Regulator
• LED Voltage monitor
• Maxi-Design, choke filtered Power Supply Module included
• Gold plated, 70 micron Copper PCB
Accuracy: +/- 1ppm
Jitter: 1.5ps
Clock Output: Direct or isolated (selectable)
Power Supply Req.: 115V/230V AC with Power Supply Module
12V DC/50mA without Power Supply Module
Frequencies Available: 11.289600 MHz (CDP – most Philips Chipsets)
12.000000 MHz (USB Audio, AMR zero jitter receiver for
DIY Hi Fi Supply’s DAC)
16.934400 MHz (CDP – most Sony/Sanyo Chipsets)
24.576000 MHz (96/192kHz upsamplers e.g. CS8420)
27.000000 MHz (DVD/SACD/Universal Players)

More to come. Stay tuned.
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