New Product: Another Module - Ultimate Volume Source Module

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New Product: Another Module - Ultimate Volume Source Module

Postby brian » Fri May 29, 2009 4:02 am

Major New Product Announcement - Another One!
This is our assault on state of the art volume controllers/selectors.

The Ultimate Volume/Selector Control Module can be installed in an existing amplifier/preamplfier chassis to control volume/source selection
can be used standalone in it's own box with optional buffer installed on the output (space provided on the circuit board) to drive an amplifier without worrying about typical impedance issues encountered by passive preamps.

The Ultimate Volume Control System:

Audio Matrix Module

The Audio circuit board: 2 Channels, 5 X Inputs with relay selection, Volume Control, power supply regulation and optional J-Fet output buffers

Provisioned are five selectable inputs, one Record/Tape output which may also be used as “direct” input, bypassing input switching if only one input is required.

Also present are connectors for one buffered output (requires optional LSK389B, 3-Pin terminal and some 0.1uF/100V capacitor) and one direct output.

These Audio Matrix Modules can be “stacked” at 25mm intervals with short IDC jumper cables daisychaining the modules uP-PSU connections.

Control Matrix Module (consist of 3 separate circuit boards linked together, (i) Input Select, (ii) uP/PSU, and (iii) Volume Control)

The Control module is in sections able to be “broken off” for independent mounting of the controls and indicator LED’s (see attached drawings).

When separated this makes 3 modules: Input selector rotary & LED’s (58mm X 56mm), uP/PSU PCB (94mm X 56mm) and Volume control rotary and LED’s (58mm X 56mm).

First, they may be mounted using the standard threaded bush and nut system (7-8mm hole required), where front panels is up to appx. 3mm thick.

Second, M3 threaded standoffs, 6mm long, may be used to mount the module to the front panel via three countersunk M3 screws extending through the front panel with the encoder module mounted to the threaded standoffs with M3 screws. The holes will be on a 22mm circle, so any knob larger than 30mm in diameter will cover the screws.

Finally the encoder module may be mounted to (threaded) blind holes in the back of the front panel using either the three hole pattern on a 22mm circle or four holes on a 48mm X 45.5mm square centered on the encoder shaft.

Some things to note:
the Control System allows either remote control or front panel knob control
Volume control function uses same devices as employed some of the biggest highend names such as Audio Research
Audio Matrix module is for 2 channels but can be stacked for 2, 4, 6 extra channels.

More to come.
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