Turntable parts that you do not sell.

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Turntable parts that you do not sell.

Postby squirrels » Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:27 am

I am interested in building a turntable, but you do not sell the plinth kit or a tonearm kit, just the motor kit and platter. :roll:

Do you have any recommendation for a plinth design, best material, whether a single or double plinth design, best shape/weight for stability and placement of tonearm?[/color] :)

For the tone arm what would be the best length, a short one approx 9 inches allowing for a shallow tracking arc thus reduced distortion, or a longer length etc?

[color=#0000FF]Do you have a recommendation for a tonearm kit or pre manufactured tonearm?[/color] ;)

[color=#0000FF]Do you have a recommendation for a MM/MC phono stage Kit or reluctantly a pre-assembled unit
, the Cole LCR MM/MC stage is not in kit form and is too expensive for my budget? ( :oops: The cost would not pass the Wife Acceptance Test, (WAT) :lol: , regardless of the quality of the piece of equipment).

Best regards

The Squirrel 8-)
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Re: Turntable parts that you do not sell.

Postby brian » Wed May 20, 2009 10:16 am

we are doing a Projekt-based phono stage. Based on the UTS x 2. Stay tuned.

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