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240V to 220V Bucking Transformer Method

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:35 pm
by admin
This is not a problem on kits such as Brian's with multiple primary taps on the mains tx but on many fully assembled China made amps from the likes of eBay the primary can be wired / switched for 220V or 110V only and in the UK this can be a problem with the tubes running 'hot' were the mains supply can hit 240V. I found this out with a Mr Liang 845 SET amp. Even though it said 240V on the rear !! You cannot always believe what you see. :shock:

Here is a way to buck the mains voltage. It could also be used to boost the mains voltage if wired on the the opposite side of the secondary winding. It is not the proper way to solve such an issue, the correct method being to replace the mains tx or make sure it is genuine 240V unit to start with !! However it does work very well.