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Post Your Shipping Inquiries in This Forum

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:32 pm
by brian
parts: we try to ship these within two days of receiving order confirmation. if there will be a delay shipping, we will notify you by e-mail. Most the time we ship it within two days. After that it's in the hands of the delivery service. Please note that if you choose the free or seven dollars shipping option it means there will be sent by regular airmail. There is no tracking, and it gets there when it gets there, anywhere from one to four weeks; it's unpredictable. Basically it's a "you get what you pay for" situation. if you choose FedEx you will have full tracking and you can watch your parcel to your doorstep. It usually takes FedEx 1 to 4 days to deliver depending on country.

Kits: when you order we will provide a confirmation and will usually ship within seven days. If it takes longer we will notify you by e-mail. Again if you choose surface shipping expect to wait anywhere from four weeks to, let's see the record was six months! No tracking.

delayed delivery: If there is a delay in receiving your package please post your inquiry here. If there was a mistake made in packing, please send us an e-mail: teresa at diyhifisupply dot com or simon at diyhifisupply dot com and we will sort it out. Really.
Please bear in mind we sleep at nights and take 2 days off on weekends.

shipping damage: In a rare instance where you receive a package that is damaged, please receive it and file a claim with the company that delivers the package. It is no use to refuse the package as it will then be shipped back to us and the possibility of making a claim against shipper is very difficult. We will sort it out for you as long as you receive it. Really. When the package is received damaged, your problem is with the shipping company, not with us. but we will help you sort it out. Really.