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Our New Forum -- not the Colosseum

Postby brian » Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:25 am

last year in September my wife and I were in Rome actually had a chance to walk around the Roman forum.
Not exactly what I expected as it is a complex of buildings and facilities described by the Wikipedia: "The forum served as a city square and central hub where the people of Rome gathered for justice, and faith".
So "forum" is a suitable metaphor for a place where people can gather together for a discussion on any topic, in our case-- interest in good sounding hi-fi.
On the other hand the Colosseum was something completely different. We also walked around that amazing structure while imagining fights by gladiators, Christians being thrown to the lions, and other blood contests for the entertainment of the spectators.
Sometimes discussion forums are more like the Colosseum. I hope that doesn't happen here. It shouldn't. Certainly there will be differences of opinion, but being away from the glare of the hi-fi public at large we can all agree to disagree without having to play to the spectators or some emperor.
We will also open space to post projects and files, not necessarily related to DIYHFS products. If we have a lot of traffic, that's fine, if we have a small amount of traffic that's fine too. We will add categories as the need becomes apparent.
the forum
regards Brian
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